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Markets & Applications

Infrared Filters can be used in a variety of applications and for a wide range of uses.  Advances in technology and the expectation of an even more connected world, driven by the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Automation, Electrification of Vehicles, and Remote Monitoring of Preventive Safety Systems, have seen a rapid increase in the use of IR Filters in recent years.

Umicore has extensive experience in designing new Infrared Filters to meet very precise technical specifications.  Over the years we have developed system critical IR Filters for the following types of applications:

Industry: Oil & Gas

Application: Early detection of noxious, harmful and/or corrosive gasses in the atmosphere in the parts per billion. Critical to ensuring the health and wellbeing of the workforce, as well as being integral to a robust preventive maintenance system to ensure the site runs at optimal performance whilst complying with all Health & Safety policies.  Detecting gasses early helps to ensure minor gas leaks can be dealt with before they escalate into major situations, sometimes with catastrophic consequences.

Industry: Electricity

Application: Electricity sub-stations contain highly explosive power transformers. One of the leading safety systems in use is known as ‘Dissolved Gas Analysis’ (DGA) which monitors the environment for a range of gasses which could appear in a malfunctioning transformer scenario. DGA systems typically use an IR Filter Wheel, comprising a number of different IR Filters to monitor for and detect a range of different gasses.  Umicore has been successfully supplying DGA IR Filter Wheels for several years into this system critical application.

Industry: Automotive

Application: The rise in popularity of the electrification of the automobile also comes with an increase in demand for autonomous self-driving car capability utilising technology such as LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging). IR Filters are widely used in the automotive industry for emission control, preventive maintenance, and vehicle safety systems.

Industry: Law Enforcement

Application: The use of breath analysers has grown significantly in recent years, driven by stricter legislation around blood-alcohol content to help reduce the number of road-traffic accidents relating to drink-driving. Infrared Filters help to detect the presence of alcohol in the breath, providing a robust solution to support law enforcement and the wellbeing of society.

Industry: Wearables Tech

Application: The miniaturisation of technology and the rise of smartwatches has fuelled a demand for greater levels of connectivity, especially around health and wellbeing type applications. When incorporated into a smartwatch, Infrared Filters can be used for blood gas/electrolyte monitoring and diagnostic systems.

Umicore has designed and produced a wide range of Infrared Filters and leads the market in terms of high performance and competitive pricing.  Contact us to discuss your specific application requirements.

Below is a selection of some of the gasses that that Umicore Infrared Filters can detect.  

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