Carbon Dioxide

Chemical Formula: CO2

Typical Detection Wavelength: 4.26µm

Filter Type: Narrow Bandpass (NBP)

Description: The problems associated with the significant emissions of Carbon Dioxide have been extensively written about in recent years.  It is a naturally occurring gas in the atmosphere, but has been increasing significantly over the past 150 years due to human intervention and the burning of fossil fuels.  In recent years there have been strict CO2 emission controls implemented by Governments around the world to help stem the adverse effects of carbon dioxide on natural ecosystems and public health.

Humans breathe out CO2 when we exhale, and as such Infrared Filters can be  as part of a ventilation system used to help monitor the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in patients requiring support with their breathing, such as in the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

An infrared optical filter can be successfully used for the early detection and warning of the presence of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere, as the CO2 gas absorbs IR radiation at a range of wavelength bands such as 2.7µm, 4.3µm and 15µm.  The most common CO2 band for IR Filters is 4.26µm.

Example Transmission Curve:

Centre Wavelength: 4.26µm ± 0.5%

Half Bandwidth: 105nm ± 10nm

Transmission Peak: >70%

Angle 0-15° Shift: 1.53nm/°

Temperature Shift: 0.22nm/°

Umicore has significant experience in producing IR Filters to the highest standards for the early detection of Carbon Dioxide and many other gasses.  

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