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iDLC Coatings

Umicore was the first to pioneer a DLC performance coating on chalcogenide glass. This is an extremely rugged and abrasion resistant anti-reflection coating, making it ideal for external surface applications where extreme environmental conditions will be encountered. Umicore can successfully apply iDLC coatings to its range of proprietary GASIR® chalcogenide glass.

Below is a table showing the typical specification of Umicore’s iDLC coatings.  

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iDLC product ID UCS_GASIR1_05
Rev 2.0
Rev 8.0
Substrate GASIR® 1 GASIR® 5
Waveband 8-12µm 8-12µm
Transmission Average 
(thru both sides)

≥90% 8µm-12µm 
≥85% 8µm-14µm

(when combined with UCS_GASIR1_01)

≥90% 8µm-12µm 
≥85% 8µm-14µm

(when combined with UCS_GASIR5_01)

Reflection Average 
(per surface)
≤1.5% 8µm-12µm
≤4.0% 8µm-14µm
≤1.5% 8µm-12µm
≤4.0% 8µm-14µm
Angle of Incidence

Example spectral scan of iDLC/HEAR 8-12µm coating on GASIR®5

iDLC Coating Environmental Durability Testing:

Adhesion: MIL-C-48497 A (

Humidity: MIL-C-48497A (

Severe Abrasion: MIL-C-48497A (

Salt Spray: MIL-C-675C (4.5.9)

Wiper Test: TS1888 (5.4.3)

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