Infrared Coatings

With over 30 years of optical coating experience, Umicore has developed an extensive library of over 2,500 proven IR Coating designs and processes, including High Efficiency Anti-Reflective (HEAR), High Durability Anti-Reflective (HDAR), and Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC).  We have also developed a unique iDLC™ coating for use with our proprietary GASIR® chalcogenide glass optics.  

With core capability in the 3-5µm and 8-12µm wavelength regions, our coatings are designed for a wide range of thermal imaging and CO2 laser applications across a variety of substrates including Germanium, Silicon, Zinc Selenide, and GASIR®.

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High Efficiency Anti-Reflective (HEAR) Coatings

High Durability Anti-Reflective (HDAR) Coatings

Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Coatings

DLC coating on Gasir® (iDLC™)

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