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Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Coatings

This is an extremely rugged and abrasion resistant anti reflection coating, making it ideal for external surface applications where extreme environmental conditions will be encountered such as marine environments. Umicore can successfully apply DLC coatings to Germanium and Silicon substrates.

Below is a table showing the typical specification of Umicore’s DLC coatings.  

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DLC Product ID UCS_Ge_03
Rev 7.0
Rev 2.0
Substrate Germanium Germanium
Waveband 8-12µm 3-5µm
Transmission Average 
(thru both sides)
≥89% 8µm-12µm (when combined with UCS_Ge_01) ≥92% 3µm-5µm (when coated both faces UCS_Si_01)
Reflection Average 
(per surface)
≤3.0% 8µm-12µm ≤5.0% 3µm-5µm
Angle of Incidence

Example spectral scan of DLC/HEAR 3-5µm coating on Silicon

DLC Coating Environmental Durability Testing:

Adhesion: MIL-C-48497A (

Humidity: MIL-C-48497A (

Severe Abrasion: MIL-C-48497A (

Salt Spray: MIL-C-675C (4.5.9)

Wiper Test: TS1888 (5.4.3)

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