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Umicore Tessella™

Wafer molding technology
Small and Smart

Umicore’s Tessella wafer molding technology has been developed to pack maximum optical performance in the smallest possible lens format. The Umicore Tessella technology produces lenses that, after dicing, can be recognized by their square format. Using Umicore’s state-of-the-art GASIR® materials and coatings, these lenses offer not only diffraction limited performance, but also offer superior optical transmission. The Umicore Tessella™ technology is the most cost-effective high-volume fabrication method for high-performance infrared lenses. Umicore Tessella™ lenses are ideal for any application that requires uncompromised imaging performance on a small footprint microbolometer. Typical applications include people counting, HVAC control, home and office safety or security, just to name a few. The square cut lenses can be supplied unmounted or in M10 mounting for easy prototyping.

Umicore Tessella™ wafer

Umicore Tessella catalog lens specifications

Specification 1.5 mm f/1.2 1.9 mm f/1.3
Part number 14094 15097
Focus range 0.2 m to infinity 0.05 m to infinity
Max. FPA diagonal 3.85 mm 4.10 mm
HFOV at max 106.6° 97.1°
Diameter mounted M10 x 0.5 (6g) M10 x 0.5 (6g)
Square size unmounted 3.42 mm 3.40 mm