Chemical Formula: NH3

Typical Detection Wavelength: 3.00µm

Filter Type: Narrow Bandpass (NBP)

Description: Ammonia is has many uses in industry and can be found in everyday cleaning agents to pharmaceutical products, as well as naturally occurring in a wide range of environmental scenarios.  It is a colourless gas but has a distinctive and pungent odour and with sufficient exposure can be an irritant leading to health and safety issues.

An infrared optical filter can be successfully used for the early detection and warning of the presence of Ammonia in the atmosphere, as the NH3 gas absorbs IR radiation at a specific wavelength with typical absorption around 3.00µm.

Example Transmission Curve:

Centre Wavelength: 3.0µm ± 0.5%

Half Bandwidth: 135nm ± 14nm

Transmission Peak: >70%

Umicore has significant experience in producing IR Filters to the highest standards for the early detection of Ammonia and many other gasses.  

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