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Bringing exceptional performance to Personal Vision System (PVS) thermal imaging devices

Electro-Optic Materials

Those who strive to have total awareness in all conditions have a partner that delivers superior performance paired with the highest quality optics. A partner like Umicore.

Thermal Imaging sights have been available for more than two decades. Initially, soldiers needed the ability to in complete darkness, despite the cold, heat, rain or fog. In recent years the Personal Vision System (PVS) industry embraced thermal sights.

A key feature for these systems is the balance between target identification (pixels on target) and situational awareness (total field of view). Umicore lenses offer excellent light gathering capability and image sharpness to maximize the ability to identify the target. The lens focal length defines the field of view and Umicore offer a range of focal lengths. So, there is an option that gives the right balance for most end user requirements.

Two superior lenses used widely in the PVS and Defense industry are the 35mm f/1.1 and 60mm f/1.2 lenses. These lenses are a culmination of the lens makers art as they bring together the highest optical performance with incredible light gathering ability. Both lenses are designed with Umicore’s proprietary glass GASIR® to provide the highest resolution and image quality for locating long-range targets. The passively athermal designs are smaller optical assemblies, incredibility lightweight, reducing total weight.

Optical lens assemblies are arguably the most important part of thermal sights. A defective optical assembly could ruin the user’s ability. Umicore’s ability to control the manufacturing and implementation of optics from raw materials all the way to the complete assembly brings unparalleled optical quality and performance. The glass maintains a consistently sharp and clear image in environments where temperature variations can be extreme. 

Umicore is one of the first to implement a proprietary coating process providing superior adhesion on chalcogenide glass for high efficiency (HEAR) and diamond-like coatings (iDLC®). The diamond-like coating is extremely hard and durable on the exposed surface of the optical elements, designed to withstand the harshest environments such as salt water, high humidity, abrasive action and severe cold.

By having full control over the design and manufacturing process from glass formulation to assembly, Umicore redefines quality standards and performance for optics.

For detailed specifications, visit our online catalog to see the vast selection of optical lens assemblies Optics Lens Catalog.