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Narrow Band Pass Infrared Filters

Narrow Band Pass (NBP) Infrared Filters are designed to isolate a narrow region of the infrared spectrum and are used in a variety of applications where precision detection of a specified wavelength is critical.

Example of NBP IR Filter Spectral Transmission Graph

Umicore has a wide range of off-the-shelf Infrared Filter designs, as well as extensive experience in designing and producing to bespoke technical performance requirements.

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Infrared Filter Spectral Specifications

Transmission Peak: Typically ≥85%

Transmission Average: Typically ≥70%

Attenuation: Typically ≤0.1% outside passband

Edge Slopes: Typically 3% to 5%

Surface Quality: Typically 60:40 Scratch:Dig

Operating Temperature: Typically -40°C to +80°C


Infrared Filter Environmental Durability Testing

Adhesion: MIL-C-48497A (

Humidity: MIL-C-48497A (

Moderate Abrasion: MIL-C-48497A (

Temperature: MIL-C-48497A (

Solubility/Cleanability: MIL-C-48497A (

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