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DGA Infrared Filter Wheel Complete Assembly

Umicore has extensive capability and experience in the design and manufacture of complete Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) Infrared Filter Wheel assemblies, used as part of system-critical safety detection of harmful hydrocarbon gasses that can be present in the atmosphere of industrial settings such as electricity sub-station power transformers.

Our team of engineers and optical designers work with our customers through the design phase, including prototyping and market testing, through to full production and aftersales support.  Offering more than just the IR Filter design and manufacture, Umicore can supply the entire assembly and metalwork to further help streamline supply chains.  We have robust quality control processes in place including 100% automated test-inspection of each individual completed wheel assembly and proven packaging methods to reduce the risk of damage during shipment.

A typical Infrared Filter Wheel consists of multiple IR Filters of differing wavelengths and requires the precise layering of many thousands of nanometre thick coatings to build up to the required specification.  A complex production process is required to ensure consistent and repeatable IR Filters are manufactured to specification.

Umicore has a wide range of off-the-shelf Infrared Filter designs, as well as extensive experience in designing and producing to bespoke technical performance requirements.  

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