Substantial Advantages in Thin Film

Microelectronics play a major role in our world. Just about everything from personal goods, transportation, housing, and manufacturing infrastructure, to large area information systems are based on such technologies.

Thin Film Products successfully develops, manufactures, and provides high-quality coating materials for thin film applications in the advanced packaging, compounds, micro systems, and silicon front end segments.

Due to our long-standing experience and cooperation, our targets and evaporation materials are continuously optimized for maximum performance in Unaxis coating systems.

As an industry leader, Thin Film Products also provides sputtering targets and evaporation materials to a wide selection of coating systems. Target size and microstructure are designed to serve the latest 300 mm wafer technology. Thin Film Products strives to develop new high performance products.

Our international sales network ensures close cooperation to provide efficient customer specific target qualities and worldwide logistical solutions.

Advanced Packaging: WTi10, Au, NiV7, Ni, Ti, Cu, Cr, Al

Compounds: Al, Al alloys, Ni alloys, Pt, Au alloys, Cr, Cu, Ti, W, and more

Micro Systems: Ta, Ni alloys, SiO2, Al2O3, Al, Zn, and more

Silicon Front End: Al, Al alloys, Cr, Cu, Ni alloys, Ta, Ti, Au, Pt, Ag, Ge2Sb2Te3, and more 

Substantial Advantages in Electroplating

Umicore's Business Unit Electroplating offers further semiconductor processes and products. An integral part of this is an innovative, modular and therefore patented additive system for copper plating, which is able to take your advanced packaging to a completely new level. In addition, Umicore's copper(II) oxide and anode and cathode solutions for ECD equipment complement the product range of the Business Unit Electroplating and underline its competence in the semiconductor process segment.