Specialized Coatings for Today's Tools 

The requirements for every type of cutting, drilling, milling and turning tools continue to grow. Tungsten carbide tools can no longer live up to tough new standards. Today, all state-of-the-art tools need specialized coatings to extend tool life and fulfill the special needs of the cutting process.

Nowadays, most tool coatings are applied by PVD-Arc process. This process gives the best ratio between layer growth rate (10 times higher than magnetron sputtering) and surface smoothness. The layers comprise highly sophisticated layer structures made from many different types of materials.

Thin Film Products provides the specialized coatings needed in the manufacture of cutting, drilling, milling, and turning tools.

Thin Film Products has a market share of more than 65% and is the World's No. 1 research and design partner for coating centers everywhere.

Tools are not the only products subject to wear and tear that require special coatings. Included in the Wear Protection and Decorative Coatings line are PVD coatings for decorative goods and products such as door handles, bathroom fittings and automotive parts, a strong and growing business for Thin Film Products.