Substantial Advantages in Thin Film

LED’s play an ever increasing role in our daily lives.

Thin Film Products successfully develops, manufactures, and provides high-quality coating materials for thin film applications to fulfil the bill of materials needed to produce LED’s, also referred to as solid state lighting

Due to our long-standing experience and cooperation, our targets and evaporation materials are continuously optimized for maximum performance in a wide variety of coating systems.

Target size and microstructure are designed to serve the latest 300 mm wafer technology. Thin Film Products strives to develop new high performance products.

All our materials follow the industry standards on

  • Sustainability
  • Originate from conflict free sources
  • Security of supply
  • Come along with Applied Technology Know How

Our international sales network ensures close cooperation to provide efficient customer specific target qualities and worldwide logistical solutions.

LED Materials readily available at TFP include but are not limited to:

ITO, ZnO, Si3N4, SiNxOy, WTi, WTIN Au, AuZn, AuSn, Ni, Ti, Al, Ni,  Pt, WTi, Ge, Sn.

Others on request