Sputtering Targets

Sputtering Targets by Thin Film Products

Due to our long standing experience and strong cooperation with Unaxis,
Umicore Sputtering targets and evaporation materials are continuously optimized for maximum performance in Unaxis coating systems.

Thin Film Products develops and manufactures high-quality coating materials for thin film applications in the advanced packaging, compounds, micro systems, and silicon front end segments.

Packaging Process of Sputtering Targets
All of our targets are vacuum sealed in argon-filled polyethylene bags, guaranteeing consistent target performance, even when stored for a longer period of time. Final cleaning and packaging of our sputtering targets and materials are completed under clean-room conditions.

Target Quality

Umicore Sputtering targets and the quality assurance process at Thin Film Products is ISO 9000:2000, certified to guarantee the highest and most consistent product reliability. Documentation, traceability, statistical process control, detailed test and process specifications as well as sophisticated analytical methods and continuously trained employees are important elements of our quality assurance process.

Target Bonding

Thin Film Products uses its own proprietary bonding method, based on a flux-free solder technique. Thin film adhesion and diffusion barrier layers are applied to the back of each target, followed by a temperature controlled metallic solder seal between target and backing plate. The bonding is compliant to accommodate mechanical and thermal stresses.

ARQ 151 Sputtering Targets
The only approved targets for the Cluster Line Sputtering Systems.

AKQ 515 Sputtering Targets
The only approved targets for the LLS EVO Sputtering Systems.

ARQ300 Sputter Targets
The only approved targets for the 300 mm Sputtering Systems.

Ge2Sb2Te5n Sputter Targets

Other Sputtering targets and Sputter targets in accordance with customers' specifications are available on request.

Advanced Packaging: WTi10, Au, NiV7, Ni, Ti, Cu, Cr, Al
Compounds: Al, Al-alloys, Ni-Alloys, Pt, Au-alloys, Cr, Cu, Ti, W
Micro Systems: Ta, Ni-Alloys, SiO2, Al2O3, Al, Zn
Silicon Front End: Al, Al-alloys, Cr, Cu, Ni-alloys, Ta, Ti, WTi, Au, Pt, Ag, GexSbYTez