Indium Tin Oxide Sputtering Targets, ITO Sputter Targets

ITO, Indium Tin Oxide Sputtering Targets – ITO Sputter Targets from Umicore

Indium Tin Oxide sputtering targets (ITO sputter target) allow deposition of high value transparent conductive films and are manufactured from selected raw materials at high purity level and high density. Raw materials and final products are analyzed by most qualified labs. A variety of compositions and dimensions is available on request.

Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) High Density Sputtering Target, ITO targets

Application Fields:
ITO planar sputtering targets provide deposition of high quality transparent conductive films and can be employed in a variety of applications including Touch Panels and different types of Displays such as TFT-LCDs, OLEDs and PDPs.

ITO thin films can be used for a wide range of applications including:

Touch Panel
Solar Cell
Low-e, AR/AS
Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) high density sputtering target

Indium Tin Oxide ITO for deposition of transparent conductive oxide layers (PDF)

Principal Uses
Sputtering of ITO for use in displays, touch screens, OLED, LED, solar cells and other thin film applications.

Target dimensions and bonding
Bonding on Cu, Mo or Ti backing plates is with pure Indium. A certificate of compliance for bonding accompanies each shipment.

Umicore ceramic ITO sputtering targets are manufactured by pressureless sintering.