Manual Focus Lenses

Smart design for an advanced manual focus family

We have applied our experience in the design of compact and lightweight thermal imaging optics to the manual focus requirement for handheld applications.
The result is a growing family of smart manual focus lenses, available off-the-shelf.

Manual focus lenses are especially suitable for systems where the user wants to achieve the sharpest image possible whether the object is close by or far away.

Typical applications are wildlife spotting scopes or handheld surveillance systems.
Our lenses have an attractive black anodized finish, and smooth and positive focusing action.
They interface to the camera body with an M34 x 0.5 (6g) fitting. Both HEAR and iDLC® versions are available, though we recommend the iDLC® hard coating for standard handheld use.

Specification 50mm f/1.0 MFX 75mm f/1.1 MFX 75mm f/1.0 TFX 100mm f/1.0 TFX
Part number 16021 16125 18006 16101
Focus Type Focus Ring Focus Ring Focus knob Focus knob
Focus range 4m to infinity 10m to infinity 14m to infinity 8m to infinity
Max FPA diagonal 15.4mm 14mm 14mm 14mm
Diameter 63mm 85mm 84mm 118mm
Length 47mm 76mm 99mm 110mm
Weight 178g 380g 385g 678g

Barrel focus ring versus top focus knob

We offer two different focus mechanisms. Focus rings are the most common focusing system but when the lens diameter is larger, a focus knob provides a more comfortable option.

The focus knob can be positioned anywhere on the lens barrel when the camera is assembled.  That could be top, right, left, or anywhere in between. This flexibility is specifically intended to maximise the ease of use.

Both focus mechanisms have a visible marking to indicate the direction of movement to infinity.

MFX - TFX - Umicore LWIR