Molded wafer level optics for long-wave infrared applications

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Molded wafer level optics for long-wave infrared applications

April 13th 2016


The initial introduction of LWIR thermal imaging to the public was with Night Vision systems in their cars. Today the consumer market continues to expand with the launch of a number of consumer focused, smart phone add-ons. This has brought a step change in system costs, with the possibility to turn your mobile phone into a thermal imager for under $300.

For lenses, the quantity manufactured, quality and costs will require a new approach to high volume IR manufacturing to meet customer expectations. This, taken with the SwaP-C requirements and the emerging requirement for very small lenses driven by the new detectors, suggests that wafer scale optics are part of the solution. Umicore can now present initial results from an intensive research and development program to mold and coat wafer level optics, using its chalcogenide glass, GASIR.



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published April 13th 2016