Custom Optical and Mechanical Design Services

Umicore Infrared Optics is a fully vertically integrated supplier of optics, from the raw material to the assembled and measured lenses. As your one-stop shop, we can deliver fully customised solutions to meet your performance criteria. We offer traditional germanium optics, cost-effective designs based on our best-in-class chalcogenide material GASIR, as well as hybrid designs that take the best of both worlds.

Our dedicated, international team of optical and mechanical designers has extensive experience in optical modelling using Zemax OpticStudio and SolidWorks. Our core competencies are the design of infrared lenses that meet your requirements. We do this by collaborating with you to define your goals for performance and cost, and to determine the limits of the system. After an initial study we work with you to improve the specification and provide an outstanding solution for your application. We can apply our proven technology platforms to solve your design needs, including lightweight and compact; performance over wide temperature ranges; extreme environmental conditions.

As part of our design service, we can supply you with all the optical information needed to further enhance an already crisp image via software.  This can include design performance such as illumination graphs, distortion charts, and stray light analysis, and measured performance data such as MTF and focal length. The product we deliver is an optimised lens ready to fit onto your camera.