iDLC, Durable Coating 8µm-12µm


Product no: 2Gas100003

This coating offers exceptional abrasion resistance when deposited onto Umicore’s GASIR5® substrate in the pass band 8-12µm. It is a rugged coating that can withstand severe abrasion. It complies with the environmental specifications of DLC type coatings on Germanium, while offering comparable transmission and lower reflection values. This coating is applied to the outside surface of a lens or window and is normally used with the high efficiency UCS_GASIR5_01 on the second side.



Transmission (Average)

>90% 8µm-12µm, >85% 8µm-14µm

For a 2mm thick witness piece, coated one face iDLC UCS_GASIR_05 and one face UCS_GASIR_01.

Reflection (Average)

<1.5% 8µm-12µm, <4.0% 8µm-14µm

For a 2mm thick witness piece, coated one face iDLC UCS_GASIR_05.

Angle of Incidence


Environmental Properties


MIL-C-48497A, 08/09/1980, para

Tape Test


MIL-C-48497A, 08/09/1980, para

72Hrs, 49°C, 95-100% relative humidity


MIL-C-48497A, 08/09/1980, para

Severe, 20 strokes eraser rub test

Salt spray

MIL-C-675C, 22/08/1980, para 4.5.9

7 days salt spray fog exposure

Wiper Test

TS1888, 01/07/1979, para 5.4.3

10,000 wipes with windscreen wiper in water/sand slurry.

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